Smart Connected Documents for Risk and Compliance
We need to rethink the way we look at risk management and compliance.
Rules, regulations, policies, and procedures aren't obstacles to overcome. They're the key to business success.
With a culture of compliance and robust risk management, everybody wins. Businesses are more trusted and better equipped to adapt to new situations. Staff know exactly how to conduct themselves. And customers get safer products and better-quality service.

The problem isn't too much regulation. It's the way we deal with regulation.
Unlock the full picture
In a world where new risks emerge continually, where there are 200+ regulatory updates a day, and where people no longer have to be on the same continent — never mind the same room — to work together, email threads, spreadsheets, and Word documents won't cut it.
You need a centralised repository of accurate, trusted data.
A way for teams to communicate and collaborate in real time, wherever they are.

And the tools to quickly understand how new rules affect your policies and procedures, implement changes across your organisation with just a few clicks, and make sure your staff know exactly how you expect them to behave.

That's where ClauseMatch comes in.
We've created an AI-powered platform that empowers you to manage risk and compliance the way they should be managed in the 21st century.
Master policy
Build a single source of truth everyone can rely on. Draft, edit, and template documents, keep track of all your versions, and make the latest policies and procedures available from one location, so staff have the information they need at their fingertips.
Collaborate with your team in real time wherever they are, while ClauseMatch lays the groundwork. Our platform categorises and identifies connections between documents, tags related paragraphs, and connects to other GRC software through a comprehensive API.
the edge
Assign roles and permissions, create thorough audit trails that prove compliance, and slash your costs by up to 30%, all while freeing up your staff to focus on what really matters — looking ahead and delivering insights that will help your business thrive.
The future of compliance is digital, connected, and automated
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