ClauseMatch and JWG develop new reg reporting solution at TechSprint

By Anna Antimiichuk, Communication Lead at ClauseMatch
on 26 April, 2017
ClauseMatch and JWG have teamed up at the recent TechSprint event organised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to develop a new regulatory reporting solution.
The result, say the firms, is a combined solution that "unlocks" regulatory changes, making a "complicated compliance process simple, flexible and efficient".

The API-driven content platform of ClauseMatch, used to manage internal policy documentation, has been integrated with JWG's RegDelta regulatory change management platform.

The two companies combined sections of the FCA Handbook directly with internal documents that deal with those sections based on regulatory taxonomy developed by JWG, to provide real-time monitoring of regulation and internal processes.

The new platform provides "full transparency of the affect that regulation has on internal policies and processes", claim ClauseMatch and JWG.

Nine teams competed for four prizes during the two-day "hackathon" at TechSprint. ClauseMatch and JWG received honourable mentions in two categories.

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