in Control

We let you focus on what matters — managing (not guessing) the implications of regulations on your business.
We empower financial institutions to stay ahead in the race with regulation, taking the headache out of compliance

Your Advantages

Centralise Compliance Intelligence
Automate your regulatory change management processes through effective organisation of internal policies, standards, procedures and controls across your corporate structure, geographies, products and services, and supervisory authorities.
Understand Impact
Benefit from better enterprise governance and proactive regulatory risk mitigation through a 360 degree live view into your current state of assessment and implementation of existing and future regulations.
Manage Implementation
Structure your workflow and increase operational efficiency through the lower investment of staff time and consultancy fees, shorter audits and impact assessments cycles, increasing shareholder value and freeing up your business to focus on growth and innovation.
Pass the Audit
Comprehensive audit trail delivers you accountability, transparency and assurance into readiness for the next review of current governance documentation, internal controls and their links to the applicable regulations.
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