About the webinar

Many organizations are finding that policy management is a mess. Particularly in a time of crisis when employees need consistency and a single view into policies.

When policies are scattered in a variety of portals, in different templates, inconsistent writing styles and language usage . . . it all confuses employees and creates exposure that policies will be misunderstood, lack awareness of, and lead to compliance exposure.

This requires that organizations develop a 'Policy on Writing Policies' that ensures that policies are written, approved, communicated, managed, monitored, and maintained consistently throughout the organization.

This webinar details the components of a policy on writing policies of:
  • Why a Policy on Writing Policies is needed in your organization
  • Who is involved in writing and enforcing the Policy on Writing Policies
  • What is included in the Policy on Writing Policies
  • How the Policy on Writing Policies is used and enforced
Marketing Manager: lois.engstrand@clausematch.com