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ClauseMatch brings an unprecedented productivity for document workflow saving you millions in terms of time and resources, while significantly reducing risk and providing accountability.

It works as a browser-based collaborative document editor containing in its core a detailed workflow, where comments, approvals and changes are a part of a full audit trail, providing an unprecedented control of content

The leading global provider in document collaboration for financial institutions, legal firms and other large enterprises.

The Authoring & Workflow Solution

Standardise processes and workflows across teams and departments, ensuring a streamlined collaborative teamwork, and providing granular permissions control over content within documents

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Providing granular permissions
  • Flexible workflow stages
  • Providing content control

The Ping-pong Solution

Accelerate workflow by means of a historical audit trail for approvals, comments and track changes. It offers a live document editing, commenting and approving at paragraph level capability

  • Approvals and comments
  • Historical audit trail

The Document Storage and Data Accessibility Solution

Keep a single point of truth that reduces risk in documents that contain outdated regulations. Make them more visible and easy to access with an intelligent search functionality

  • Complete document lifecycle management
  • Full text search functionality

The Insight and Risk Management Solution

Give oversight to the organisation by means of a bird-eye dashboard looking over high-risk documents in progress. Track reviews, approvals and other policy processes. Be always informed on critical events with notifications and policy timelines, identifying trends and bottlenecks across the organisation

  • Documents in-progress dashboard
  • Management information reports
  • Notifications

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