The platform will enable us to manage all of our global policies and standards more efficiently and effectively across the bank while providing the potential to link to other solutions easily

Compliance COO
Global Bank

In large complex organisations, document management can be challenging and so it is great that the industry is innovating to make things easier

Head of Compliance Operations
Global Bank

Key Benefits and Outcomes

ClauseMatch brings an unprecedented productivity for Compliance, Legal, Finance, Operations and Risk departments saving you millions in terms of time and resources, while significantly reducing risk, and providing accountability

Efficiency provided by consolidating document versions in to a single authoritative document

Provides a collaborative authoring tool with real-time workflow that allows parties to work on a single document without any versions


Risks avoided by reducing common human errors through unparalelled control and visibility

Keeps a clear audit trail, where all changes to documents become transparent, significantly reducing the risk of human error and providing accountability


Time saved in collecting and combining feedback, reviews, versions and approvals

Offers a single group-wide tool with a wide-range of workflow capabilities that reduces the overall time spent to obtain feedback, reviews and approvals


Time saved in preparing management reports by means of live data streams

Gives oversight to the organisation by means of a bird-eye view dashboard looking over drafting, review and approval processes, critical events with notifications and document timelines to identify trends and bottlenecks across the board


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Awards and Credentials

Barclays Techstars Accelerator Alumni

Barclays Techstars
Accelerator Alumni

Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab Finalist

Accenture FinTech
Innovation Lab Finalist

Winner of BBVA Fintech Startup Competition

Winner of BBVA Fintech
Startup Competition

ISO09001:2008 Certification Holder

Certification Holder

ISO027001:2013 Certification Holder

Certification Holder